About Me

This is the personal website of Anton Smith and it exists to justify the fact that I’ve had this domain since 2002 and done nothing with it.

A bit of background: I spent the 1970’s and 80’s growing up in East Kilbride. I no longer live there: I don’t like being cold.

When I left school, I studied architecture at Glasgow School of Art for five long years and graduated just in time for the building recession of the early 1990’s. Fortunately I had flunked my second year and as a result I had to pay my own way through Art School. I did this by studying part-time and working full-time for Covell Matthews Architect’s Ltd (the company responsible for the Quadrant Centre in Coatbridge (not one of my projects I hasten to add)). So unlike my classmates after graduation, I had a both a degree and a job in architecture.

While at Covell Matthews I worked on Atrium Court, The Guild Hall, Stobhill Hospital Day Theatre Unit, the Grosvenor Building and the Hatrack.

The end of the recession in 1995 saw me as the last man standing in Covell Matthew’s Glasgow office. They had fired everyone else for being too expensive: I obviously wasn’t. The five years I spent with them had convinced me that architecture was not for me and I was ready to quit. But not being a quitter I decided to give my architectural ambitions one more chance with another five year stint at a smaller architectural firm, McIntyre Associates Architects.

In my architectural career I have built shops, hospitals, pubs, offices and lots and lots of car parks. Notable highlights were the Corinthian, Arta, Gong, Arran Aromatic’s Warehouse, Co-op supermarkets in Bothwell and Auchterarder and last and definitively least – a double garage for a funeral parlour in Dunfermline.

After ten years I realised enough was enough and I went back to school to study the thing I could actually do. Thus following my true calling, I gained a MSc Information Technology from the University of Paisley in 2001. Immediately afterwards I joined The Learning Centre, part of the Eduction, Youth and Communities Service of North Lanarkshire Council.

The Learning Centre is North Lanarkshire Council’s specialist multimedia production house and we aim to deliver high quality multimedia expertise, support and resource development. Our projects can be very technically or creatively complex and cover a wide variety of multimedia disciplines. We also provide expert multimedia training to both teaching staff and pupils.

As the Assistant Manager of the Learning Centre and I am responsible for the organisation, delivery and monitoring of the output of the Centre.